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An image can speak a thousand words, tell you a story, or transport you to another country. When I look at food, I see the potential journey that it can take me on when I savor it. I will help you discover that narrative.

With over 15 years of professional photography experience, I understand your needs in the food industry and that your images are part of your banding. How your clients see your brand is essential to you, and getting the best possible results is a necessity in a highly competitive market such as the food industry.


My Personal Food Journey

When my health and career took an unexpected turn for the worst, I knew that it was the time that I make some significant changes in my life. I had enough of going against the grain of what life’s path had set out for me, so I just went with the flow and refocused my efforts onto my two biggest passions; food and photography. While suffering from some disabling digestive issues, my health was now the focus of my life. I needed to get better, but access to medications and specialists for my condition was just out of reach.  So as my only resource, I turned to nature’s most effective medicines, food.  This meant I had to completely rethink the way that I ate with some very restrictive meal plans. To keep myself motivated, I had to think outside-the-box and create some stunning meals out of my very restrictive diet. I also realized that I needed a creative outlet to help me heal. My lens was the best motivator for me to not only create something innovative but to also create something that looked delicious out of the ingredients that I had. This process helped to motivate me and others that are also suffering from similar conditions. I am happy to say that as of today I’m doing much better although I’m not entirely healed yet, I look forward to motivating others in creating their own culinary journeys through my lens.   

About me

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