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Food, just like fashion, goes through trends and seasons with colors and styles. Regularly keeping your brand on trend really helps in keeping interest for your products. Here is an overview of the major trends that we are seeing for the Spring season from professional food bloggers and magazines.

The Mise-en-Scène

“Mise-en-scène” is the French word for a staged setting that you can easily insert yourself into. Mise-en-scene shots are quite on trend right now and work great as marketing tools in the food industry. Essentially, the readers can see themselves sitting down at the table with friends or family. Usually, but not always these images are composed through the use of an overhead camera view with 2 or more table settings and are also carefully designed to look a little messy as if people have just been eating at the table sometimes with bites that have been taken out of some of the pieces. These work great because you can easily envision yourself in a social setting when eating, creating your desired narrative.

Mise-en-Scene Food Shot

Mise-en-Scene Food Shot 2

Pastels and Highlights

Another stunning trend we are seeing a lot of with professional food bloggers especially for desserts are brightly lit shots, quite often the highlights are blown out, coupled with very subtle pastel color schemes using adjacent colours. One of the major challenges with these types of shots is that you run the risk of running into flare if you don't know how orient your camera and light source. Although they can be a bit of a challenge to successfully accomplish, when done right, they can produce stunning results with a fresh and colorful style.

Pastels and Highlights Food Shot 2
Pastels and Highlights Food Shot 1

The Rustic Shot

Using rustic elements with lots of texture in your shot really adds to the interest of your image. I usually like to use varying textures in my photographs like a weaved linen on top of stone slate that's on top of an old rustic piece barn wood. But texture on its own is not enough, you also need to keep in mind the colour coordination for the rest image. For example look at this shot of blood orange brownies below. In this photograph, I wanted to highlight the magentas or the blood oranges, I felt that staying within this range of warm tones would really emphasize the richness of the reds and the use of the old rusted metal sheet accomplishes just that and adds texture and interest to the rustic look and feel.

Carefully composing a shot that is on trend and that works for you and your brand can definitely be a challenge but can also add so much value to your brand. Updating regularly will keep your readers visually interested and prevent your look and brand from becoming outdated. I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to regularly update your marketing materials once per season.

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